Monday, August 6, 2007

Mayor's Budget Address

The Mayor gave a speech about the budget before the City-County Council tonight. What part of it I saw on the government channel didn't mention many specifics. As WTHR-13 news reported, it sounded more like a campaign speech. Channel 13 reported allegations that Mayor Peterson packed the Public Assembly Room with his supporters. Minority Leader Phil Borst expressed displeasure that citizens were not allowed to enter the City-County Building after deputies informed them that the Public Assembly Room was at capacity. I witnessed about 20 people lined up outside the Market Street entrance waiting for a chance to enter the building as I passed by at about 6:30.

On the government channel, I watched one man being ejected from the Public Assembly Room after Peterson's speech had ended. The man kept calling for Councilor Abduallah to stand up and he kept repeating, "you lied to me Patrice."

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Urban Indy said...

Guess we figured out what that was about. It didn't take very long for Mr. Abduallah's replacement to land a job with a major developer.