Tuesday, October 9, 2007

City-County Council 08-Oct-2007


Interesting clip is linked at the Indy Star's article about last night's Council meeting. The clip runs about 15-20 minutes, but provides some insight into the workings of the Council. The debate was apparently about a procedural vote on an investigation into ethics lapses by the Council President Monroe Gray. Certainly, the Star article about the issue of a conflict of interest between Mr. Gray's collection of one paycheck as City-County Council President, and another paycheck as IFD's liaison to the City-County Council couldn't help his re-election bid, unless he is perceived as the subject of a witch hunt. However, the amount of presumably unbiased experts who agree that there is a clearly unacceptable conflict between the two positions would seem to dispel any such belief. I would expect that it is now slightly more likely that the voters of District 8 might be inclined to vote for new representation, but we shall see about that in four weeks.

By the way, archives of full Council hearings and committee meetings, as well as MDC, BZA, IHPC, and Hearing Examiner meetings can be watched in their entirety at the following site:


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